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About Us

Welcome To BlueNet Communication JV Ltd

BlueNet Communication JV Ltd is Bangladesh China Joint Venture Nationwide ISP. BlueNet is the leading Internet Service Provider in Bangladesh. We provide high-bandwidth solutions through FTTH network for your corporate business and home internet. The initial goal is to improve the experience of the home & business users through the Internet. With the dedication, service and its remarkable team effort we believe BlueNet will deliver the best in the country.

about us

Our Mission is to ensure & provide a high level of quality service to the Customers. We don't believe in grabbing lots of customers rather we would like to make long time bondage with our existing customers with a high level of satisfaction to provide uninterrupted services. We can assure our customers that no one (ISP) can match our level of service & care to our valued Customers. It is a Family with all the Customers & dedicated Personnel of BlueNet. We would like to make stronger the bondage with our Customers day by day.

  • Corporate Internet & Data Connectivity
  • Safe & Smarter Home Internet
  • High Quality & Reliable IPTSP Service
  • Fiber Optical Connection

Our Guiding Principles


Professional Approach

Keep It Simple! There's no reason why individuals who wish to be involved in the Internet, need to have sophisticated technical knowledge and the ability to write and understand HTML protocol.


Technology Review

Provide the best technology available! Those who know technology or need the most from it will be suitably impressed with our high-tech equipment. If it's current, we have it; if it's new, we'll be one of the first to get it!


Affordable Services

Make it affordable! BlueNet Communication JV Ltd programs are almost always one third to one half the cost of comparable services. This supports our mission of creating greater access to a greater number of people.

Our Mission & Vision

By constantly searching for technological innovations that will provide performance-enhancing solutions for our customers and striving for the highest standards of service. We will continue to champion the advancement of Internet and Business Solutions Service Provider in Bangladesh. Our goal is to provide internet connectivity to the remote areas of Bangladesh in order to support the Honorable Prime Minister's Access to Information (A2i) program.

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